RaSekhi, also known as Kemetic Reiki, is the ancient Kemetic art of energy clearing. It is used to treat mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and psychological ailments.
Despite the popular misconception that reiki originated in Asia, it has been historically proven that its origins are in ancient Egypt, as depicted on hieroglyphs from 10,000 years ago.


While reiki merely incorporates palm therapy as a means of manipulating energy, RaSekhi uses palm therapy in addition to crystals, sound therapy, natural elements, herbs, and spirits to assist in the healing process.


Any person is welcome to receive RaSekhi healing, no matter your background or spiritual beliefs.


With the help of RaSekhi, you can unblock chakras, cleanse your aura, and raise your vibration, which will naturally put your spirit in alignment with a path of success!




All sessions begin with a prayer to the Universe to set the intentions for your healing.
For remote healing, I connect our energy bodies during prayer and then Spirit guides me to blocked chakras. That's when the healing and clearing begins.


For in-person healing, I will provide all of the spiritual tools necessary for the session. All you do is relax and enjoy!

RaSekhi Cleanse

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