A protection mojo bag is used to keep the carrier away from harm. They specifically repel negativity, evil spirits, and they can purify the home, body, or wherever you decide to carry it. Our protection mojo bags are filled with herbs, spices, oils, and prayer.


What is a mojo bag?


It is a sachet full of high vibrational ingredients that bring blessings to one’s life. They were created by our Ancestors as a part of traditional African American and Indigenous spiritual practices.


Who can it help?


Every mojo bag has its own In general, they bring positivity and power.


What’s inside of a mojo bag?


The ingredients vary based on the type of mojo bag. 


How do I use a mojo bag?


You can put it under your pillow, carry it in your bag, keep it in your car, or simply leave it on your altar. It’s totally up to you! 



Protection Mojo Bag


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