This is an opportunity to ask the Universe anything you'd like to know.


Most popular requests:
-Understanding the past
-Understanding a present situation
-Getting insight about the future
-Discovering your soul purpose




The reading will begin with a prayer to the Universe to set the intention of receiving answers from the Divine.


I will ask you to focus on some questions and to hold them in your mind and heart for the duration of the reading.


After the prayer, I will begin to receive visions. As they appear, I will tell you what they are and what they mean.




Come with an open heart and open mind. The Universe will always give you an answer, but sometimes it responds in cryptic ways.


You are welcome to audio record your reading or take notes with a pen and paper.
You can also prepare by reflecting on your questions for the Universe.


Please note: It is not required to ask the Universe anything. You will still get the answers that you need.