Your Life Is a Testimony (A Universal Thanksgiving Song)

A catchy song that's especially wonderful to sing around the Thanksgiving table. It will become a traditional, family favorite, along with lingering memories of holiday festivities. Order this score for choirs and solo performance.

Here's a verse...

Thank you, dear Lord, for providing us with all our wishes and needs. A church home, family, security, life's finest comforts; happiness, love and health, more than Solomon's treasures. Abundant blessings to last your whole life through. You gave us your Son, dear, sweet Jesus, to guide us through, unchartered passages of life. Empowering us to live holy and righteous. Mortal, yet Divine, He was a perfect example. Jesus conquered death an hell, He reigns in glorious splendor. His pure Light of Love, radiantly shines around your throne, where the angelic choir lifts melodious voices, to your majesty and glory forever.

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