Mighty Bo Young III - In The Ring of Life

Dedicated to the "Strange Fruit" of America, May Your Seed Grow and Prosper!

Bo Invokes The Power of the Word - Chapter 18


Perhaps for no discernible reason other than to distract himself from the clear calling of the Holy Spirit's command to take action, Bo thought at this juncture, it would be expedient to share with the congregation the contents of a mysterious and recurring dream that he had while in a zombie-like state, in the hospital. Never before had he divulged the details of this haunting nightmare about a group of men in Africa with whom he had united to hunt down a man-eating lion. The lion had killed many of the villagers and had also attacked and slaughtered several children on the school playground. The bravest men throughout Africa united in search of the wild man-slayer. The hunting expedition was made up of several sharp shooters, including natives who knew the terrain. The men gathered in a large, well-built, hunting lodge. Their plan was to launch an attack before daybreak, striking the "demon-lion" while he lay asleep in his lair.

In the middle of the night the only sound that could be heard was the crackle of a dying campfire, with embers that were red hot. The gamesmen were totally unaware of the danger lurking near their cabin. They had not been asleep long before the lion's loud roar rudely awakened them. The blood thirsty lion could be heard at an earshot distance. Before they could grab their weapons, the monster jumped through the window pane, shattering glass everywhere. In one leap, the ferocious beast turned in Bo's direction, cornering him with an attack mode stance. The lion raised his huge head releasing a resounding roar that reverberated throughout the cabin. When his head lowered it's gnarly mane's disheveled appearance, his eyes flashed as he emitted an eerie growl. He stared at Bo in anticipation of a long awaited feast.

None of the brave hunters took any measures to help save Bo's life. The men stood by, in shock, as the lion's huge paw raised high in the air and lowered with a sweeping swing. The lion was making mockery of their cowardice. In anticipation of being lacerated by the lion's sharp claws, Bo was virtually paralyzed by fear, as his heart pounded wildly. If the beast's claw had landed on his intended victim, Bo would have been disemboweled by it's tremendous brute force.

Though Bo felt trapped and helpless, initially, a sudden resurgence of faith in God gave him unwavering courage to do battle against the lion. Deep from within his soul, Bo tapped into a reserve of courage that burst forth like an oil gusher. Looking his nemesis straight in the eyes, Bo shouted, "Lord, help me!" The intense feeling of intimidation generated by this perilous showdown vanished in the twinkling of an eye, as powerful Bible verses raced through Bo's mind: "If God is for us, then who can be against us?" Romans 8:31. "The Lord gives strength to the weary and to him who lacks might, He increases power." Isaiah 40:29.

Strengthened by Holy Scripture, Bo darted for an idle spear. He gripped it and blindly launched it with all his might. The enraged beast instantly lunged at Bo as he threw the spear, just in the nick of time. It pierced straight through the lion's heart, while he was suspended in mid-air. The supernatural, camouflaged, evil force moaned and shrieked profane words. Its' ghastly voice was terrifying! The dead lion immediately disappeared, leaving behind a puff of air and a foul fume.

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