Hubby Love: A Kwanzaa Play for the Diaspora and Friends (Interactive version)

Excerpts from Script - Page 11

The Emerald City Police Department reported that they were pursuing Tulsa because he was swerving and driving over the speed limit. I will spare you the gruesome details of the accident, and will share only essential information. He was killed instantly, when his car stalled on a railroad track. Even though Tulsa struggled with alcoholism, the toxicology report indicated there were no impairing substances in his system. Witnesses told reporters that Tulsa was not driving erratic and that the cops in that area of town often harass and unduly frisk residents. Obviously, he was profiled because he was "driving while Black." The Emerald City Anti-Corruption Bureau is investigating the allegations made by the Citizens Accountability League against the cops for reckless operation of a County vehicle and falsifying their police report. So, the FOP has waged a rigorous campaign to exonerate them. Thankfully, activists like you are on the ground in full force, protesting and raising funds, in hopes of obtaining justice. My husband was far from perfect, but he was loved, loveable and loving. Tulsa was a good man and we need your prayers and financial support for legal fees to ensure that the cops are held accountable for their wrong-doing. We are seeking justice and, at least, a conviction of manslaughter.

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