Ode to the Ancestors

Here is a list of ways our spirit guides and communicate to us. Stay open to receiving their messages and you'll be sure to notice them even more! Enjoy!

Ode to the Ancestors

A sweet smell

A twinkling speck

Ringing in the ears

A roaring thump

A dreamlike feeling

An angelic embrace

Clear, specific words

A zapping buzz

Sounds like light

Rolling of the eyes

Reaction of shock

Pointing out the obvious

Standing guard

Reminders of the latter

Snapping to attention

Snapping out of it

Shaking it all out

Rounds of applause

Heart chakra charges

Third eye tingling

Birds, frogs, crickets singing

A gentle caress

The feeling of being blessed

Wrapped in safety

Celebrations dancing

Jokes and laughter

Smiles and joy

Clicking and tapping

Helpful warnings right on time

Lessons of love

Funny missions and scavenger hunts

Always fun and enlightening

Good eyes when I'm doing right

Reasons to keep serving the Divine

The reward is in the journey

Poetic thoughts

Existential philosophy

Understanding life and death

Ankh Udja Seneb

Wild shocking release

Being babied--to a limit

Always pushed to do my best

Held to high standards of righteousness

Always led to live within Ma'at

Fantastic past life memories

Reminders that I am safe

Reminders that I am important


The kind of gentleness show to a child or a puppy

But better cuz it's me

Reminders to breathe

And to always be free

Never alone, nor lonely

I knew they were real the day

I found the ukulele

Cheering me on

Sayin', "You already won!"

Makin' me laugh

Choosin' the highest path

Blocking negativity

Always guiding me

Purifyin' me

Washin' my mind, body, and soul clean

Helping me see room for forgiveness

And for new concepts, like, "self-repentance"

The ultimate friends

On whom I can depend

Thank you, righteous Ancestors,

For your love, blessings, and Divine Answers

Mini gusts of wind

As if to tap

Telling me when to hush

And how to finesse just right

They always have the right medicine

With the perfect dose

At the perfect time

Treasures from the sea

Animal spirit guides of every kind

Feeling so ancient

Bringin' the good ol' days back

Listenin' to nature

Honoring it and giving thanks

Understanding energy better than ever

Gratitude to the Creator

For being so clever

Divine Timing all the time

Always room for growth

And evolution

Pure magic

Overflowing miracles

Shielding all around

Round the troops

This is war

Ain't nothin' the spirits haven't seen before

Together, united

The restoration of Ma'at

Light a candle, let it burn

And be sure to make it hot!

Pray on it daily

Visualize success

Remember I am Divinely Guided

It's so good to be so blessed

Plant some seeds

Watch them grown

Always respect and honor the flow

Message received, loud and clear!

Watching me must be a show!

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