Flash Black

First publication: Soulhouettes

The African-American Poetry of Shenita Johnson (1970 - 2000)


Without an awareness of Love,

Life is void, ugly and hopeless.

Only love can rescue one

From the dreary daily march and lone,

Endless nights it's absence brings.

Love has restored my life.

It has placed the world on a canvas,

Colored it with all the magnificence

Of the rainbow and framed it

In Brilliant gold.

Love is an all-pervasive life-force

That warms the dark forest

And flows like a shimmering

Brook in it's paths.

Passages of my life now seem inspired.

Love continually energizes my being.

It's joy cannot be hidden.

To live and not merely contain

The breath of life,

One must know love.

Give love and it will bring you

Only Good.

(c) 1992 by Shenita Cade


I want a sweet man,

Who'll love me dearly.

A gentle-man,

Experienced and knowledgeable

Of the Feminine Mystique.

I want a man in reality

Who has always existed

In my dreams.

A man,

Whose embracing arms

And kind words comfort me.

A ma who would make me feel

As if I've travelled afar,

Even though I may never leave

My hometown.

He'd be my world!

My sense of adventure

Would be forever satisfied,

Even though I may never-ever

Leave his side.

A special man -

Like the one God created

In his image - strong,

Loving and giving;

Innocently blind to my


A man who instead of

Going out to play,

Longs for me

When I'm away.

(c) 1983 by Shenita Cade

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