About Us

Ancestral Essentials is a labor of love inspired by the wisdom of the righteous Ancestors who paved the way for natural healing. 
High John the Conquerer, Dr. Maya Angelou, Ida B. Wells, Toussaint L'Ouverture, Dr. Sebi, and Lisa Left Eye Lopes are just a few of the righteous Ancestors who inspired this brand.

We honor their legacy by continuing to spread the wealth of knowledge that our righteous Ancestors provided. 

Our mission is to:

-Educate the public about the alkaline lifestyle
-Empower marginalized communities with natural healing
-Embrace the ancient ways of holistic living by spreading awareness
-Eat to live, not to die
-Enlighten the masses on how to heal themselves
with natural foods
-Encourage the youth to eat healthier foods
-End generational cycles of disease and illness
-Engage in the mutually beneficial relationship
that nature offers us 

Be sure to check out our CEO, Amber Amour by visiting her website.