Frequently asked questions

Who is Dr. Sebi?

Dr. Sebi was a master herbalist and healer. He was a genius who healed thousands of people worldwide through teaching alkalinity. Electric cell foods are the most beneficial for the human body. He also taught that melanin requires special nourishment which is lacking in the diets of most people of African and Indigenous descent today. Dr. Sebi and his devotees advocated for eating natural, living foods made by the Divine. He particularly emphasized the importance of eating raw, organic seeded fruits and vegetaqbles to promote healthy living and longevity.

What are alkaline foods and how can I eat to live?

Alkaline foods are 100% natural, seeded, and grown without chemicals, poisons, or man-made additives. Alkaline foods nourish the cells and electrify the mind, body, and soul. If it's not alkaline, it's acidic. Acidic foods break down the mucus membrane and cause disease. Mucus in the lungs causes pneumonia. Mucus in the sinal passages causes sinitus. Mucus in the brain causes alzheimers. Do you see the pattern? To avoid unnecessary pain, disease, and suffering, eliminate acidic foods and replace them with alkaline foods that nourish and elongate life. Adapting the electric lifestyle can be done easiest by saying NO to any foods or beverages that are acidic, mucus-forming, and low-vibrational. Replace all the unhealthy foods in your kitchen with high vibrational, alkaline organic fruits and vegetables. Substitute coffee with alkalihe, aura-enchancing herbal teas. Substitute white, brown, and raw sugar with coconut sugar, coconut nectar, agave, dates, date sugar, or date syrup. You can make these lifestyle changes cold turkey or take baby steps. The choice is yours.

Is it hard to go alkaline?

It's as easy you make it. The biggest challenges are mental chatter, cravings, and additctions. You have the power to make the switch. Keep a strong mind as you make your food and beverage selections. Choose wisely! The Universe is rooting for you and is on your side! We advocate baby steps. Learn some new recipes from YouTube from our favorite Dr. Sebi approved chefs such as: Sebi's Daughters, Ty's Conscious Kitchen, Alkaline Vegan Mommy and Food for Negus.

Is it safe to drink alcohol and live the alkaline lifestyle?

Alcohol is not alkaline nor electric.

I want to go alkaline, but I don't know what to cook. Help!!

We have you covered! You can check out our recipe page, buy one of alkaline recipe books, or check out our YouTube cooking channel coming soon! In the meantime, check out some of our favorite alkaline vegan chefs on Instagram: @alkalineveganmommy @crushfoster @food_for_negus @tysconsciouskitchen

What kind of water should I drink?

Spring water. It is naturally alkaline. Be sure to buy spring water that is fluoride-free. Make sure you do your research about bottled water companies before purchasing. Look online for an updated 2020 list of fluoride-free bottled water brands in stores near you.

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