Ancestral Essentials is here to save the day!

Whether you need physical or spiritual purification and rejuvenation, Ancestral Essentials has something for everyone!

We offer holistic products, services, alkaline recipes, and more so you can become more in tune with your Highest Self.

We have brought back the wisdom of the ancients to enlighten and empower the community! Read more about our mission and purpose here

Whether you're a young adult, parent, or senior, everyone can benefit from the alkaline lifestyle. Today's society promotes illness. By learning about foods that alkalize the body, you can reverse illness in yourself, and in your family line. 

Our spiritual supply store has everything you need to raise your vibration and bring more blessings to your life! We employ aromatherapy, reiki energy, and Nature's blessings in all of our products. Everything at Ancestral Essentials is designed to raise your vibration! 

We humbly invite you to learn more about the natural lifestyles of our righteous Ancestors so that you may thrive, heal, and become your greatest version.

Thank you for being a part of this rebirth.

Infinite peace and blessings,

The Ancestral Essentials Family